IBS and Exercise

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IBS and Exercise – exercising while having IBS may be a daunting task.

Preventing the Excuses

You may have a bit of fear thinking that you may need to go to the washroom quick or feel some pain while working out. This does not mean however that you should stop working out completely.

In some cases, IBS sufferers have such severe symptoms that exercising is not possible. These are people who would need to work on reversing their symptoms to a point where it can be managed appropriately. Once it can be managed, they can then begin to start an exercise program.

Tips Provided

When you change your daily diet, seek alternative treatments and take herbal remedies, all in combination, this will likely reverse a majority of your symptoms.

Pump it Up

For those who can actually make it to the gym or work out at home, try to include at least 15 minutes of cardio workout to get your blood flowing and your cardiovascular system working harder. Exercise at least two times a week and increase the work out duration by 5 minutes for every week that passes.

IBS and Exercise

Other Benefits of Exercising

Exercising will not only make your organs stronger and healthier but it will make your bowel movements more regular as well. If however, you are afraid that you might have a bowel movement accident, make sure that you know where the washrooms are located.

Make it Simple and Fun!

Include exercises as an enjoyable lifestyle activity and not a chore that you have to stick with. This will help you in staying consistent with your exercises, to better the health of your body as a whole and to increase your energy levels. As always, consult with a qualified practitioner before beginning any type of exercise program.

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