IBS and Famous People

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IBS and Famous People – Find out which celebrities have IBS and how they deal with it.

Nobody is Exclusive

Some famous people also have Irritable Bowel Syndrome because they are people just like the rest of us. However, because they are always in the spotlight, it makes it far more difficult to deal with.

How it Affects Celebs

For those celebrities with IBS who have severe symptoms, they tend to quickly disappear from the spotlight and are rarely heard of on television again. For the rest of the celebrities who have a mild case of IBS or have learned to manage them quite well, they are the ones still on television.

The Celebs…

Cybill Shepperd has IBS and she hid in pain for a long period of time. The medical doctors told her that she needs to manage her stress levels and that a pyschologist would help, similar to what doctors have said to myself. She then turned to Zelnorm to treat her problem. Learn more about Zelnorm here.

Kurt Cobain said his IBS symptoms ultimately led him to the addiction of Heroin, he noted that Heroin helps him to cope with the symptoms he was experiencing. He later commited suicide due to his drug addictions and IBS may have been considered to played a small role in that decision.

IBS and Famous People

Cher Sarkisian was also known to have IBS and had bouts of diarrhea before performing at her shows. Other famous people who have made statements about themselves having IBS, includes the following: Adolf Hitler, Tyra Banks, Jenny McCarthy, Elizabeth Taylor, Sigmund Freud, Kristen Dunst and Fran Drescher.

Staying Positive is Key

You can be positively sure, that currently there are many other famous people with IBS who you would have never thought has IBS. They are typically the ones with a mild case of IBS or have worked to reverse their condition. You can reverse IBS too, with a bit of persistence and patience you can work to eliminate your IBS symptoms.

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