IBS and Fluid Retention

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IBS and Fluid Retention – the situation of retaining fluid within the body has many different reasons.

What is Fluid Retention?

In some cases, people with IBS have no idea that fluids are building up inside their gut resulting in abdominal bloating. This however can be diagnosed by a medical practitioner.

Women are Primary Targets

Fluid retention also occurs more often with women as a result of their menstrual cycle. The primary reason for this, is because the sex hormone progesterone is elevated during the week, leading to the period. Fluid retention that is caused by the period, would normally affect a women’s abdomen, breasts, face, ankles and hands.

Products to Avoid

Some of the ways to combat this problem, is to reduce the intake of caffeine, wheat and salt. All of these products induce the cells in your body to retain more fluid.

Try not to supplement salt to your meals and include lots of fruit and vegetables to your diet since these food groups often contain fluid reducing potassium.

IBS and Fluid Retention

Other Circumstances

In the less common cases, a number of IBS sufferers would ingest food products and certain food particles that enter the gut are seen as a foreign substance. A reaction is then triggered, causing the cells to retain fluid in order to flush away the food particles.

Fluids are King

Therefore, irregardless of the reasons, try to drink eight glasses of water a day as it will help to clean out your system consistently and also assist your body to perform normal functions.

Know the Myths

Some IBS sufferers believe that starving the body of water, will help to reduce the retention of fluids but in fact this will exacerbate the situation even further. Our body is comprised of mainly water and we need sufficient water everyday in order for our bodies to function properly.

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