The Story Behind: IBS and Me

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Are you interested in knowing about the battle between IBS and me?

* Remember that the battle against IBS may be long and at times your focused efforts may even seem futile, but reversing IBS can be achieved. Keep in mind that persistence and patience is key. Stick to the guidelines provided in the Known IBS Symptoms and IBS Diets sections, and soon you will be 100% free from IBS. *

Kelly Chow

IBS and Me: To begin with, my name is Kelly Chow and I have suffered from IBS for a total of 4 years. I first encountered my IBS symptoms when I was at the age of 24 and I have had major-to-severe symptoms. I was in constant agony and depression due to the combination of symptoms I had to endure every single day.

I attended many clinics, saw many doctors including a GI specialist, and performed all sorts of tests; blood work, urine samples, multiple xrays, barium enema, colonoscopy and upper GI endoscopy. The GI specialist had came to the conclusion that I was suffering from a condition called Irritable Bowel Syndrome also known as IBS.

I was told by my doctors that it is an incurable condition and that it was best for me to learn how to manage my stress levels. My optimistic outlook on life came to a grinding halt and my stomach sank in disbelief. I was not impressed at all to hear that this condition is incurable since the symptoms I had to deal with, were too severe to handle on a permanent basis.

I carried on living with this IBS condition, however my symptoms were not improving by simply managing my stress levels. I then decided that I could not live on like this so I decided to seek treatment from conventional to alternative medication. I seeked all types of therapies and some of them worked well and others did not.

Eventually it became apparent as to which types of treatments were able to reverse my symptoms. It required persistence and patience however I have eventually learned how to defeat IBS. I reversed my IBS condition by about 70% in 6 months and 100% by 9 months. I became completely IBS free at the age of 28. IBS and me, is now a topic of my past.

Note that age does not effect whether you can reverse your IBS 100% since every sufferer can do it! However it can play a small role in the length of time needed before you begin to feel results when reversing your IBS symptoms. It may take longer if you are a senior citizen as opposed to someone who is younger.

It was very costly for me to experiment with all the numerous types of treatments, however the information I have collected for you on this site will help to minimize your experimentation and cost. Remember that your health always comes first before all costs. Without your health, there is really nothing to look forward to.

I have written detailed guidelines in the Known IBS Symptoms section on how to overcome your symptoms. Explanations are also provided to enable you to understand the reason behind the causes of the symptoms. It is also important to stick to IBS friendly diets as explained in the IBS Diets section.

IBS continues to be thought of as an incurable condition in the minds of the modern day doctors as they do not fully understand the medical reason for the symptoms. This site is designed with the purpose to help educate all IBS sufferers and to provide them with hope, information, and solutions on how to fight a winning battle with IBS.

The success story of IBS and Me will soon become the success story of IBS and You! If you would like to submit your story, please use the form below for your submission. You may provide checkpoints of your progress half-way through your treatments if you would like.

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