IBS and Menstruation

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IBS and Menstruation – the combination of these, can be very painful. Learn which of the two, IBS or menstruation, is causing this.

Is it IBS or Menstruation Causing the Symptoms?

When an IBS sufferer is menstruating, it is often difficult for her to determine if it is caused by her period or if IBS is the reason to blame.

Many of the women feel pain in their lower backs as well as the abdominal area during their menstruation. Their breasts may also feel tender in addition to headaches.

Difficulty in Discerning the Two

The truth is, it is very difficult to discern between the two types of pain. This is because IBS and menstrual pain are both very closely interconnected.

Tag Teaming the Pain

Menstrual pain can further aggravate your IBS pain and vice versa. The most important factor to weigh-in here, is to minimize and prevent as much pain as possible during your menstrual cycle.

IBS and Menstruation

Get on the Right Track

This can be done by eating a very healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables. Include only minimal meat and poultry products into your diet. Some of the recipes listed here can be of tremendous help to get you started on the right track.

Reduce Stress Levels

Also try to reduce your levels of stress. Stress can further aggravate both IBS as well as your menstrual symptoms. To help minimize your stress levels, you may do some light yoga or even relax on a couch for 15 minutes at a time to help ease the mind.

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