IBS and Motion Sickness

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IBS and Motion Sickness – it is not an easy feeling to be experiencing motion sickness. Learn why this happens and how to prevent it.

What is IBS?

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a condition where your body is experiencing a dysfunction with the digestive system. This often leads to upset stomachs, pain, nausea, etc. and motion sickness is tied into this.

All of these symptoms play off of the same central nervous system. Having IBS, only makes this situation far more difficult to deal with since the symptoms are much more easily provoked.

Supplements and Diet Changes

The most important tip is to rebalance the bacteria in your digestive tract. This will play a large role in reversing your IBS. Take probiotic supplements to resupply your body with beneficial bacteria in order to reduce the bad types of bacteria from taking over your gut.

In combination with the beneficial bacteria supplements, you will also need to modify your diet to one that is IBS-friendly. An IBS Diet Plan and a 2-week’s worth of diet recipes have been provided to assist you.

IBS and Motion Sickness

With each of your meals ensure that you take digestive enzymes in order to help you break down the food. This will assist your digestive system to recover faster as it would spend less of its energy to decompose the food that you have consumed.

For Immediate Relief

If you need immediate temporary relief however, take Gravol when you are experiencing motion sickness or take a dose prior to the possibility of having motion sickness; ie. prior to a long road trip or airplane ride.

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