IBS and Panic Attacks

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IBS and Panic Attacks – I have been there and had lots of panic attacks before. Let me tell you my experiences and a few tips on how to resolve it.

Concerning and Uncontrollable Thoughts

Experiencing panic attacks is definitely not enjoyable nor should anyone ever have this type of feeling at no fault of their own. I use to have panic attacks set off by just thinking about certain situations.

It got to the point where I can set it off easily but I could not control it or stop the nervousness. The panic attack lasted for hours on end and would only stop temporarily.

The Weakest Link

An IBS sufferer will experience this far more easily than someone without IBS. This is because there is a bacterial imbalance in the gut of an IBS sufferer. This can trigger off the nervous system far more quickly and easily than individuals without IBS.

Known Benefits of Acupuncture

The most significant change occurred when I went in for an acupuncture treatment. The acupuncturist read the pulse on my wrist and then poked a few needles into my body. This was done to reset my pulse to make it flow and pulse regularly.

This single acupuncture treatment changed my whole world. I felt heaps lighter and my nervousness become very minor. During the series of treatment, I didnt even have panic attacks at all.

Added Support

It is important however to rebalance the bacteria in your gut while receiving acupuncture treatments. This will help to ensure that the panic attacks will go away permanently.

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