IBS and Parasites

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IBS and Parasites – there is a possibility of parasites living within an individual inflicted with IBS.

Mainstream Exams

There are many ways to check if parasites are living within your body. One of them, is through a blood test to see if your white blood cell (WBC) count is high. This is not a solid test however, as some people may have normal WBC counts, yet they have parasites existing in their gut.

Specialized Tests

The far more promising tests, are the stool tests which are sent to private laboratories. They have the technology and equipment necessary to make a confirmed diagnosis to determine if parasites exists within your stool.

Lack of Acid

IBS sufferers in general have a weaker digestive system. This is the result of an imbalanced bacterial tract as well as a lack of stomach acid production.

When food products are consumed, an individual with IBS who lacks a sufficient amount of stomach acid and beneficial bacteria, would typically have a harder time digesting and breaking down the foods.

IBS and Parasites

Entrance for Parasites

This would lead to the possibility of parasites entering the intestinal tract after bypassing the stomach region due to the lack of stomach acid production. The stomach is the most important digestive organ as the stomach acids typically kill all the parasites that exists in the foods consumed.

Tips Provided

Once the parasites reach the small intestines, it can flourish and make it their comfortable living area. To prevent this from happening, ensure that you take digestive enzymes with your meals to ensure sufficient enzymes exists in your stomach to support your digestion and aid acid production.

Taking probiotics would also aid with digestion and help to rebalance the bacterias in your intestinal tract.

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