IBS and Popcorn

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IBS and Popcorn – there are mixed reviews as to whether popcorn affects IBS sufferers.

Individual Specific

Some IBS sufferers find that popcorn can aggravate their symptoms. For others with IBS however, popcorn does not introduce any problems at all.

This is one of those problems that is very individual specific. Many people with IBS develop a much larger list of food products that they are allergic to, versus non-IBS sufferers.

Differences in Reactions

The list of allergies may include popcorn or it may not. For myself, I have never had problems with popcorn before having IBS. On the same note, I was able to eat copious amounts of popcorn after being diagnosed with IBS.

I know of a few others who are complete opposites of me when it comes to consuming popcorn. After they consume popcorn, they feel stomach pains and gas, eventually leading to diarrhea.

Those who are symptomatic to popcorn, often notice that their symptoms either flare-up immediately after consuming this item, or it comes at a later date, a few days after. With allergies, there are those that have immediate reactions, and those with a delayed response. In either situation however, these individuals are allergic to popcorn.

IBS and Popcorn

A Strategy with Much Success

If you would like to focus on reversing your popcorn allergies, try to eliminate food products that contain corn, in any fashion, from your diet for a period of one month.

This will help to eliminate the corn antigen that exists in your system. After one month, re-introduce corn back into your diet and see if you still have a corn allergy or not. You may be very delighted with the results.

It is possible that you may still have allergies to popcorn but the reactive symptoms that you experience may be substantially reduced.

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