IBS and Pregnancy

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IBS and Pregnancy – what happens when IBS sufferers become pregnant?

IBS can Worsen

I have talked to some IBS sufferers who have experienced more pain in the abdominal region, increased morning sickness and irritability, as well as a lot more gas when their pregnant.

Remissions are Possible

For others I have spoken to, who were pregnant, said a miracle happened. They experienced a remission in all of their symptoms, as if they do not have IBS at all. In these cases, they mentioned that being pregnant felt far better than not, eventhough it means carrying more weight and being able to afford for another child.

This of course should not be an excuse to have another child. However, for many, they do express that it is a much needed relief and forgot how it felt to be asymptomatic. The symptoms unfortunately, do come back after giving birth however.

Managing Expectations

Being pregnant is not an easy task for women. They have to watch what they eat, handle the frequent back pains, deal with morning sickness, etc.

Although not all women experience unwanted symptoms of pregnancy, many do. This means having to deal with pregnancy and IBS together, all at once.

IBS and Pregnancy

Ensure your Partner Understands

It would be helpful to have a discussion with your partner, prior to pregnancy, to ensure they understand the pressures that you will be under.

This will ensure that your partner is more understanding and would be willing to provide a helping hand on a consistent basis to care for you and to help weather your mood swings!

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