IBS and Restaurants

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IBS and Restaurants – how to avoid those tempting foods at restaurants?

Symptoms from Certain Foods

One of the largest changes that an IBS sufferer has to make, is the drastic reduction of outings to restaurants. If you have IBS, it is likely that many food products will cause you to experience IBS symptoms.

These symptoms can range from diarrhea to constipation, stomach pains, bloating, gas, stomach noises, nausea etc.

Dangers of Old Habits

I use to have IBS and when I went to restaurants on a frequent basis because it was my way to keep connected with my friends, it resulted in catastrophic reactions from within my body.

I had predominant diarrhea, so I would run to the washroom as quickly as I can if I ate foods that did not sit well in my stomach or if I drank a bit too much of carbonated beverages such as coke.

IBS and Restaurants

Take the Home Foods Challenge

I was told by my alternative practitioner that my diet had to change or severe IBS symptoms will stick with me forever. In fact, I would have possibly gotten diabetes at the rate I was eating bakery products and foods high in refined sugars.

I changed my diet, ate primarily from home, lost some friends but that’s no problem. If they were your true friends they would stick around eventhough you do not frequent with them as often, due to your avoidance of restaurants.

After this diet change, my whole life turned around. My symptoms were dramatically reduced and I felt heaps younger & lighter. I started to enjoy life and even had many of my old friends around.

Start now and take the challenge to better your life. Start with the IBS Diet Plan and then the 2-week recipe diet. Many IBS sufferers have had success with this and hence my introduction of this to you.

Know that a lot of patience is required as this is not an overnight process to reverse your IBS symptoms.

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