IBS and Stress

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IBS and Stress – stress plays a large factor on the severity of your IBS symptoms.

Sensitivity to Stress

Non-IBS sufferers are typically capable of handling a whole lot of stress in one day. With IBS sufferers however, you have to keep a close eye on your stress levels.

Stress can aggravate your IBS symptoms and similarly, IBS symptoms can cause stress, this results in a vicious circle.

End the Vicious Circle

So the ultimate solution is to reverse your IBS symptoms to stop the vicious circle of stress and IBS. There are many ways to help reverse your IBS symptoms.

First off, your daily diet can play a large role in keeping your IBS symptoms active if it includes all the wrong food products. It would be wise to follow this IBS Diet Plan for a duration of one month.

IBS and Stress

Tips Provided

After the restricted diet plan, follow the 2-week diet plan and you may be delighted in how much better you would already be feeling.

Additionally add probiotics and digestive enzymes to your meal to further boost your digestion process. In the meantime, reduce your engagement to situations where stress may arise.

Knowing that you are more susceptible to feel stress, you want to avoid the situations where this feeling may be brought to the surface. Stress is after all, a feeling that is brought to one’s self and it is not something that exists physically. An unwanted event can cause severe stress for one individual but it can instead just be a simple annoyance for another individual. It is how we interpret and react to a situation/event that results in us feeling stress.

One additional tip is to think to yourself in non-absolute terms. For example, you “would like” something to occur instead of you “must have”. This prevents you from being upset when something does not work out to the way you want or expect it to. Practice this and in turn, it may be a very useful tool for you to use as a life skill to manage IBS and stress.

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