IBS and Symptoms

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IBS and Symptoms – having to deal with IBS symptoms can be very stressful. Understand it better and learn how to reverse those stubborn symptoms.

The Many Symptoms

There are many different symptoms that IBS sufferers frequently face. Diarrhea, constipation, gas, bloating, stomach pain, etc. are just some of the symptoms that may be present in your life, on a daily basis.

The symptoms exists as a result of histamines being present in your system. Histamines are the result of your body attacking the food particles/antigens that are present in your blood stream. The body thinks these food particles are foreign substances. The food particles/antigens reached your blood stream as a result of a condition called the Leaky Gut Syndrome.

The Leaky Gut

The Leaky Gut Syndrome is a condition where the yeast in your body has over-grown to the point where it has taken over your gut. This then results in the yeast poking tiny holes in your intestinal tract. The food particles from the food products that you consume, leaks through the tiny holes within your intestines, flowing into your blood stream.

Focus One-by-one

The most important tasks that rests in your lap now, is to reverse your IBS symptoms one-by-one. When you focus on individual symptoms, it often results in more significant results and a better understanding of what is happening within your body.

IBS and Symptoms

Understand the Cause

Focus on reversing your IBS symptoms by viewing the various sections located here. Once you have full clarity on what is causing your symptoms, you will be far more confident in the programs to eliminate your IBS.

Keep Persistent

Patience and persistence plays a large role in how effective the programs are towards your IBS symptoms. Try to stick to the programs and hold back on temptations to discontinue eventhough symptoms may be taking longer to heal than you expected.

Ensure that you consult with a qualified practitioner before beginning any type of health program.

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