IBS Anxiety / Nervousness

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The frequent presence of IBS anxiety attacks can devastate your life.
Put a stop to this now by learning how!

The initial requirement needed from you to overcome this problem, is for you to leap over that mental incident. Place your past negative experiences behind you where it belongs and move on.

The first question that may come to mind is what mental incident? What past negative experience? When I suffered from this problem I asked the exact same questions.

The matter of fact is, there does exist an underlying problem that causes the IBS anxiety attacks. Now you may think, that is absurd since it happened a while ago or it wasn’t that severe of an incident. The truth of the matter is, you experienced a negative situation/event in the past and that is triggering your nervousness at the present time.

Now why is it that your mind & soul, isnt allowing you to let go of this past incident? Also how does anxiety relate to IBS anyways?

First of all, your mind is not the root of the problem. The mind could trigger the panic attacks and could possibly be the initial cause of this condition amongst other reasons. However it is no longer the source that sets the foundation for your nervous system to be so sensitive.

If you happen to seek help from a modern doctor, they may request that you attend a session with a psychotherapist. The idea appears to be correct and this would help aid the mind to prevent panic attacks at the present time. However this is not a permanent solution to the problem. As you may recall, I have already mentioned that this is not where the source of the problem lies.


The actual problem has to do with the rhythm at which your pulse (heart rate) beats as well as the synchronization between your internal organs. What has occurred internally in your system, is a disconnect and a lost of synchronization between your internal organs as well as an irregular pulse rate. This results in a highly sensitive nervous system.

This can be caused by a severe incident you endured in the past or some sort of illness such as a stomach flu. When this happens, a combination of symptoms begin to surface in addition to IBS anxiety. The set of symptoms you experience is how doctors diagnose you as an IBS candidate, not just the presence of IBS anxiety.

When your body functions irregularly, your nervous system is affected. This causes the linkage between your mind and your nervous system to become highly sensitve amongst one another. When IBS anxiety is present, you would think illogically and this results in fear.

No one should ever experience long-term IBS anxiety attacks as it is self-deteriorating and can even result in suicide attempts if it becomes too severe. I sincerely hope that everyone who has this problem is reading my site. As I will personally help guide you to the other side of the dark walls where there is light and things will get better, much better.

Whats my Solution?

It takes four steps to solve this problem (the second is optional):

1. Seek an Acupuncturist


The study of acupuncture has lead to many discoveries to help heal and reverse physical/mental illnesses in humans. With the treatment of acupuncture, your pulse will be read and an understanding of your health will be exposed to the acupuncturist.

You will also need to explain your anxiety attacks with the practitioner in order for them to know how to treat you. The key idea here is that they will try to resynchronize the beat of your pulse & organ function so they all work in harmony with one another. It may take more than several sessions of treatment however, for it to be solved. *Patience is always a rule of thumb*.

It is not incorrect for you to seek another acupuncturist after 5-6 treatments, as the current one may not be knowledgable enough to treat this problem. The practitioner will either tell you directly about the results you achieved so far or you can make a judgement call regarding the improvement in your anxiety level.

Chinese herbs may also be prescribed in combination with acupuncture. The most essential treatment to solve this problem however is still acupuncture. Chinese herbs serves to assist with the treatment, so it would prove useful if it is prescribed.

2. Attend sessions with a Psychotherapist [optional]

You may attend sessions with a psychotherapist to aid your thinking to get you past your day(s) to prevent panic attacks. However you need to know that this is only a temporary solution.

During your attendance with a professional, it is necessary for you to be forth-coming with what is causing you fear. This would enable the psychotherapist to assist you in clearing or solving the past incident, to prevent current panic attacks.

* Whether you seek the help of a psychotherapist or not, it is important that you are able to think around the issue and prevent yourself from reproducing this fear.

3. Take Anti-Anxiety Herbs

A formula of herbs will help to quickly subside your anxiety level and reduce the occurrences of future panic attacks. Herbs have been tested to be much safer, far more effective long-term and do not lead to dependence whereas traditional medication typically leads to addiction. Take the anti-anxiety herbs when you need it most, eventually you would want to slowly decrease your intake of these herbs as your anxiety starts to become less prevalent. Click here for anti-anxiety herb details.

4. Keeping your mind in the clear

What is required from you, is the need to keep your mind at bay. During the treatments of acupuncture it is important for you to keep your mind clear from fear and worry for the duration of the day. If this can be achieved, push it further, keep your mind tranquil for the entire week, then month, and so on.


When your mind is trained to think in the clear, it prevents you from rethinking about incidents/events that cause alarm and fear in your life. The more you think about things that create fear, the more often it reoccurs due to habit.

If you can eventually keep your mind in the clear for 3 months, it would be much more difficult to bring back the panic attacks than if it was 3 months ago.

The Linden Method is a program that teaches you how to divert your thoughts and aids in the process to becoming anxiety free. Click Here

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