IBS Bavolex

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IBS Bavolex – A product that consist of nerve calming and proactive digestion ingredients for IBS.

What symptoms are relieved by this product?   The product is used to help calm the nerves of your gut to prevent pain and diarrhea. At the same time it helps to digest your foods.

How effective is the product towards the symptoms?  

This product is made from a number of products such as ginseng, camomile, papain, peppermint, fennel, pancreatin, bromelain, etc. These products work to digest your food, soothe your intestinal bowel, and provide your mind with clarity. It by no means can cure or reverse your IBS symptoms, but help with the symptoms.

What is the recommended duration of use for this product?  

This product can be used for an infinite number of months, however it is best to focus on your individual symptoms rather than a pill that focuses on various symptoms in tandem where some sufferers may not require.

Are there any side-effects during and after product usage?  

There are no known side effects from using this product. Some IBS sufferers however, may have rare allergies to some of the ingredients.

Are the results permanent after the product usage has stopped?  

No. Once the product usage has stopped, the IBS symptoms may be back on the rise or can be on the rise after longer usage due to it being less effective over time. When the product is stopped however, the symptoms may come back as the ingredients do not reverse your symptoms but helps with the symptoms.  

Product Review

IBS Bavolex is a beneficial product for helping to digest your meals however, it is stated to be used once a day where I do not see how beneficial that would be when often a person would eat at least 3 meals a day. Digestive lipase supplements often need to be taken during a meal in order to provide benefits. Peppermint however will help with relaxing the contractions of the gut.

If you decide to proceed with using this product, ensure that you consult with a qualified physician.

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