IBS Bloating

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IBS Bloating – learn how to stop the bloating from happening by knowing what causes this.

Constipated Bloating

The onset of bloating is the result of a number of problems. One of the more frequent reasons is when an IBS sufferer has predominant constipation. The stool would normally sit in the intestines longer than normal, causing the stool to harden and gas to be trapped between the stools.

Yeast and Gas Production

Other reasons include the existence of yeast overgrowth in the intestines which induces a lot more gas production than normal in the gut. When an abundance of yeast comes into contact with partially digested food particles, gas production as at its maximum.

Effects of Food

The foods that you consume can make a large difference in the amount of bloating that you experience. Some foods can induce a lot of gas to be produced whereas others will produce minimal amounts.

In addition to this, some foods may actually be causing an allergic reaction in your gut without you even knowing about it. Try not to eat too much during one setting as well. It is much easier on your digestive organs to eat smaller meals at more frequent intervals, rather than large meals at less frequent intervals.

Tips Provided

IBS Bloating

In order to fix the problem of bloating, it is a good idea to make drastic changes to your diet. Follow the IBS Diet Plan and then the 2-week recipe diet thereafter. Significant positive changes have been achieved by many IBS sufferers to-date.

In addition to this, add probiotics and digestive enzymes with your meals. These herbal supplements will help to further breakdown the foods that you consume, reliefing the digestive organs of further stress.

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