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IBS-C – when you are inflicted with any level of constipation, it can cause all sorts of uneasy feelings, from worrying about toxic build up to stomach & intestinal pains.

* Try not to let the thoughts of your mind control the outcome of your bodily functions. Follow the solutions provided and soon you will be on your way to a lifestyle free from the fear of fecal build up. *


Knowing how IBS-C Resulted

When constipation sets into your life and there seems to be no way out, think again. There are many constipation predominant IBS sufferers who have craved their own path to a life free from this situation. It is truly not a miracle, it is simply going back to how it all happened and aiding your body to heal to where it once was.

There are many ways to encourage your bowels to start moving and to prevent it from being sluggish. The technique and therapies necessary however, are more focused on how you live your life currently, than it is a pill that simply solves all your problems.

Many of the IBS sufferers in our community who suffer from IBS-C has confessed that their childhood years were filled with highly refined and processed foods. When these types of foods are consumed on a long-term basis, your body is the true victim of your diet. The symptoms and problems that result from your consumption of processed foods, will not be immediately apparent until some damages have already resulted in your body.

Likewise, being inflicted with IBS-C is not just the result of food consumption, in some cases, it can be the result of one taking antibiotics, which can also severely affect the sensitive environment within your gut. You want to ensure that you do not take antibiotics unless it is absolutely necessary. Taking antibiotics without asking critical questions with your doctor, can result in you having to deal with ill-health for the long-term.

The doctor can simply walk away without experiencing problems in his/her life, but it is the patient who is taking the medications, they are the ultimate victims. Unfortunately, these types of situations happen all the time and that is why more and more IBS-C victims are appearing more prominently all over the world. The statistics however are far more higher in the Western hemisphere, simply because of the way doctors are trained here to prescribe antibiotics for many situations.

When you come to the realization of what you have done to your health and why you are experiencing the problems are you today, you can then quickly take action to take your health back into order. That means being able to focus on your health and your future, with the determination to ensure that your future is filled with good health.

The Gut Damage

When you know what was done in your past leading to IBS-C, it is now important to also know what has occurred in your gut, causing all of your symptoms to occur. After consuming foods that are highly refined and processed, your gut slowly begins to become weaker over time. The good bacteria slowly begins to decrease in counts and you begin to feel worse on the same continuum.

The beneficial bacteria in your body requires foods that are wholesome. Foods that came directly from mother nature, because it contains the nutrients, enzymes, and minerals that your body requires in order to function properly. It was not until our recent generation, that we started to mass produce foods and find ways to make them last longer & with a shorter preparation time. When foods become highly processed, it no longer contains enzymes, minerals and very little nutrition.

This means that your body starts to become deplete of these essential items, resulting in the body beginning to have more difficulty over time. The harmful bacteria that exists in all of our bodies, begin to take over the environment as the beneficial bacteria count begins to decline. The overall body begins to lose its rhythm and your organs may even begin to run out-of-sync. This means that your body is no longer working harmoniously amongst one another.

The body is a very complex system and when all of your organs run effectively, it can withstand many types of bad choices such as fast food meals. When the body is running poorly however, you will immediately feel all of the consequences that these unhealthly foods can place on your body.

Carve your Path to Good Health

It is not easy to change your lifestyle and your diet to aid your IBS-C, however, certain changes are necessary in your life in order to carve your path to a future filled with good health. The first move, does indeed have to do with modifying your diet to one that is conducive to good health.

As you begin to notice the positive affects that a modified diet can bring to your health, you will start to enjoy the new diet plan as well as the taste of the foods. The foods that you must eat are those which are whole foods, preferably organic but not mandatory.

These foods are those which are grown whole in the fields and then brought to the supermarket. These foods are not those already prepared and placed in boxes, often made available from the freezer aisles. The more fresh the food, the better it is for your health. Making a careful selection of the foods that you consume, are as important as how quickly you want to start to feel better.

It is not going to be a quick and easy task because in addition to this change, you must know which foods are compatible with your body. Each IBS-C sufferer has different foods in which they are not tolerable to. However, it is also important to know that you will not notice allergies to all the foods that you are incompatible with, because some of them will result in a delayed reaction within your body.

Your best bet is to seek the aid of a naturopath who is familar with conducting a blood test and has the connections with a private lab to retrieve your allergy results. A very comprehensive report that list well-over 50 most-common food ingredients that you may be allergic to, will be provided to you.

This is by far one of the best investments that you will purchase that will allow you to reap the benefits of knowing which foods will allow you to feel more energetic and which foods will send you down a tunnel, feeling terrible, with an array of symptoms. If you do not have the financial means however, you will need to keep a diary book around and jot down all the foods that you consume, including how you feel each & every day. Review the diary after a month and find patterns in your health and avoid the foods in which you may be allergic to.

The wholesome foods are to be consumed everyday for all of your the main meals including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Snacks should also be whole foods, which contain fruits and/or vegetables. The more vegetables you consume, the better your overall health will be. Vegetables contains a vast number of nutrients essential to your body’s needs.

Avoid all fast food restaurants and all refined foods by all means, that is if you are serious about putting a stop to IBS-C. Consuming these unhealthy foods will cause your body to revert back to the ill-health that you have been experiencing for a long time. Do not allow your body to sink back to the state you were in, but support it with all the fresh foods that you can get your hands on.

Your body will thank you many times over in the long-run when you continue to consume all the whole foods that are good for your health. Your health will be consistently stronger as you consistently keep your habits of cooking daily wholesome foods.

Tips Provided

At the end of day, you want to be able to reflect on the day and know that you did your body well by doing all you can, diet-wise, to keep your health at its best possible state. Knowing that your IBS-C is the result of continued poor diet/antibiotics, it is important to you rescue your body by consuming the freshest products possible.

Your body is a complex system and the more nutrients, minerals, enzymes that you can throw at it, the better it will function. It is important not to consume large meals however, you want to keep your meals to sufficient helpings only so that you feel full but not over-the-top. By all means, do not over-eat as it will only cause your body to become more tired.

Your digestive tract works almost 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You want to ensure that the foods you consume are compatible with your body and not only that, but knowing that these foods are filled with nutrients, minerals, and enzymes that will help your body to digest the foods and to replenish where you have become depleted.

The change in your diet, will not be a couple of months only and then back to the fast foods or highly refined foods, but instead a long-term initiative. You want to maintain the wholesome foods because as humans, we are truly not meant to be consuming highly processed foods that we have available in our modern age. Why do you think there are an ever-growing number of health ailments that doctors have no idea what they are and how to solve them?

Take your IBS-C for instance, did your doctor truly provide you with a solution to clear your body of this constipation? In fact, you may feel like you left their office even more concerned and confused over the whole sitation regarding your health. Doctors do not have the solutions because these ailments are the result of constant damage made to our body’s gut over-time and it will require a more focused effort on our diet, rather than taking a pill to solve our health, which proves impossible.

Finding what caused the problem, and working in reversal is the best and most natural solution. No side effects will occur and your health, regardless of what state of IBS-C you are in, will unduly benefit enormously as a result.

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