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IBS Centre – it is not easy to find a local Irritable Bowel Syndrome centre.

No Universal Irritable Bowel Syndrome Centre

The reason for this difficulty is because there are no universal Irritable Bowel Centre available. There are no centres available that currently treat only IBS patients but rather a larger range of patients who suffer from bowel and digestive problems.

Hopes are High

However, be delighted to know that there does exists many alternative practitioners who are willing to help out patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and have a vast amount of knowledge behind this condition.

Being Quickly Dismissed

It is traditional medical doctors who are almost always unwilling or unable to treat IBS patients because there are no scientific reasons for the gut to be irritable besides for stress or a sign of a more deeper psychological problem.

IBS patients are frequently dismissed by specialist who specialize in the GI (GastroIntestinal) tract. I, for one, have been dismissed by not one, but many GI specialist and blamed stress for causing my IBS symptoms.

IBS Centre

We are Here for You

This site has been renowned and praised for many different reasons. Amongst them are the following: its abundant source of beneficial information about IBS, detailed information about various IBS topics from all dimensions, an author who has reversed her own IBS and the centre for the IBS community to collectively contribute & understand more about IBS.

Never quit on yourself and your IBS symptoms. There is hope and this site will provide you with the support and knowledge to action on your IBS symptoms. This is the most honest and comprehensive IBS resource centre.

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