IBS Chitosan

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IBS Chitosan – A product that consists of dietary fiber made from exoskeletons of shellfish that binds with dietary fat and excretes them.

What symptoms are relieved by this product?  

The product is used to provide relief to patients who have fat intolerance. The fiber binds with the fat ingested and helps to pull it out of your system naturally without you having to run to the washroom.

How effective is the product towards the symptoms?  

This product works when ingesting moderate amounts of fat in your diet. It is not effective if you were to load a plateful of fried foods into your stomach and expect the product to work a miracle.

What is the recommended duration of use for this product?  

This product is to be used on an as-needed basis where you know that the diet will include more fat than usual.

Are there any side-effects during and after product usage?  

The side effects that some patients have are increased bloating and stomach pain.

Are the results permanent after the product usage has stopped?  

No. This product is to be used when intaking oil ridden food products, however will not cause future intakes of fatty food products to not produce IBS related symptoms if this product is no longer used.  

Product Review

IBS Chitosan is a useful product to use when ingesting fatty products to help with the excretion of the fat products. It however only produces temporary results for the meals ingested while taking this product. No long term fixes are present as a result of intaking this product for any duration of time.

If you are allergic to seafood, you should not take this product due to the fact the the fiber is made from exoskeletons of shellfish. If bloating or stomach pains are present, it would also be a good idea to stop taking this product as it can produce unwanted side effects.

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