IBS Clinical Studies

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IBS Clinical Studies – we have interpreted the clinical findings regarding Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Medical Justification for IBS

In the medical world, primary physicians often see Irritable Bowel Syndrome as a condition resulting from stress and depression. It is viewed as a condition that is largely the result of emotional and other psychological problems leading to the onset of an irritable bowel.

Effects of Placebo

Many clinical studies of various medications, found that often times the placebos given to IBS patients are equally effective towards IBS, when compared with actual medications that were given and used to treat emotional thoughts such as depression.

The Natural Cure

The brain is a very complex and sophisticated organ that science has yet to fully understand the scope of its capacity as well as its abilities. Some say that the cure for any ailment is laughter.

When someone is happy, this triggers positive feelings and other chemistries within your body that aids healing and boosts your immune system. The process of laughter and healing an ailment however, is hard to accept and take-in, but is true to some degree.

IBS Clinical Studies

Digging Deeper

Not everyone has the ability to manage their stress levels and keep laughter consistent throughout their daily life. Therefore it is important to manage expectations and learn what clinical trials and studies have come up with in reversing IBS, when using various medications versus placebos.

Funding and allocation of resources towards the study of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, has largely been ignored and the condition dismissed as a deeper psychological problem. There are clinical studies being performed but on a minute scale.

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