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IBS Content Award – an award honored to healthcare websites in recognition for excellence in healthcare content dedicated to address the concerns of the wider audience.

With the surge of healthcare information widely available on the internet, it becomes a growing challenge to decipher those worthwhile to read and those that are not. We will ensure that the awarded websites provide true excellence, honesty, and integrity in content generation for their intended audience versus a well-written marketing campaign focused to sell, irregardless of the credibility of the end product.

Those awarded with the “Excellence in Healthcare Content” award, must fulfill the following criterias in order to be eligible:

Core Basics

  • Original, clear, concise, accurate, and complete content
    • Relevance
    • Quality
    • Depth of Information
  • Exhibits the upmost integrity and honesty in content generation
  • Effectively serves its target audience
  • Maintains high professional online standards
  • User-friendly design
    • ease/clarity of navigation
    • organization of content
    • consistency
  • A clear distinction between paid content/advertisting and editorial content

Healthcare Excellence

  • Optimistic outlook for chronic conditions
  • Support for patients where physician counselling is unavailable
  • Role-model and hope for those that have lost all signs of faith
  • Creativity through other avenues of therapy and treatment programs
  • Regular updates to inform the audience of the latest advances in healthcare

Less than 0.00001% of healthcare related websites, will be awarded with this distinctive and prestigious award. All websites nominated for this award, are gone through rigorous and in-depth review.

This award is an honor bestowed to only those websites meeting the eligible criteria aforementioned and are subject to future review. Should the quality and focus of the website derail over a period of time, the award can be revoked at anytime.

How to Nominate a Website for this Award:

Please contact me, if you would like to nominate a healthcare related website to be reviewed for the classification of this distinctive award. Remember to include the url of the candidate website as well as a brief description as to why this particular candidate should be nominated for this award.

Instructions on how to Display this Award:

You may save this image and upload it to your webpage.

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