IBS Diarrhea Symptom

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Understand the cause of IBS diarrhea and eliminate it completely from your life!

The first step in preventing uncontrollable onsets of IBS diarrhea is understanding what is causing this symptom.

This involves knowing what is happening within your bowels. When the flora within your intestines become unbalanced, incontinence results. It is important to understand what flora imbalance in your gut means as well as how it would occur.

When your intestines are lacking friendly flora, the amount of yeast in the gut becomes profusely prolific and it begins to overpopulate within the gut. This happens when you take a course of antibiotics which kills the negative bacteria as well as a majority of healthy flora. The flora imbalance may also occur if you become ill.


When the yeast grows out of proportion, this results in gas and diarrhea. The onset of incontinence may occur immediately after a meal or even periodically within a few days or less frequent. Certain foods may even trigger explosive bowel movements due to the flora in the gut being imbalanced resulting in food sensitivity.

The key to solving this problem is to re-create a friendly balance of flora and yeast within the gut. This requires a diet change as well as some herbal remedies in order to correct this problem. Anxiety caused by the bouts of IBS diarrhea will subside as the incontinence is slowly eliminated.

This solution has worked for me and I sincerely hope it will work for you too! My incontinence has stopped completely and hasnt ever come back after completing this treatment.

1. Diet Change

The reason for a change in diet is to starve the yeast and to prevent it from rapidly reproducing itself. This can only occur if the amount of sugar and yeast intake is drastically reduced to an extreme minimum. Sugar is a food source for yeast to grow on and thus needs to be reduced in your diet intake.

Click here for the IBS Diet Plan.

2. Herbs

A number of herbs will need to be taken in order to assist your digestive system. It is also needed to help re-balance the flora within your intestines. The herbs can eventually be reduced and completely stopped once the symptom of IBS diarrhea is no longer existant for a period of time.

Digestive Enzymes – Take 2-3 capsules per meal, dependant on meal size.

The enzymes in the pill will help aid the digestion of your food. It provides additional supplements to complement the lack of production in your system. This helps to ensure all food particles have been properly broken down before reaching the intestines.

When the food has properly digested, it allows the body to fully absorb the nutrients that are available. Improper food digestion would be a cause of abnormal stool appearance.

Probiotics – Take 4 daily, 2 in the morning & 2 at night

In order to correctly re-balance the flora within your system, it is important to supplement the body with additional probiotics. This would help increase the amount of healthy flora within the gut in order to keep the population of yeast in check. When a correct balance is achieved, incontinence will eventually subside.

The intake of probiotics to re-balance the gut, will only be successful when the right environment exists within the intestines. Therefore, ensure that you have been on the IBS Diet Plan for at least 1 month (when the yeast level is low) before initiating the use of probiotics.

Please Note:

If you ever start a course of anitbiotics as required by a physician, it is important to take probiotics afterwards. Begin the course of probiotics for a course of a month after the course of anitbiotics has ended. This would ensure that you replenish the healthy flora needed in your system that were destroyed by the anitbiotics.

Candida Stop – As instructed on bottle

It is important to initiate a course of Candida Stop in order to attack the overpopulation of yeast. This acts as a final measure to ensure a balanced flora exists in the gut region. During the treatment, you may experience a change in bowel movements and this is normal if it occurs.

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