IBS Diet Plan

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Have you been suffering from IBS and don’t know what the proper diet plan is? Follow the IBS Diet Plan in order to eliminate the overgrowth of yeast which helps in reversing your IBS.

This diet plan is a systematic approach to starve the overgrowth of yeast in your body. This enables your bacterial levels to rebalance to a healthy equilibrium.

*I have been through this diet plan, a total of 2 times and I had never had to return to it again since as my bacterial balance has reached an equilibrium. Let me explain how the diet plan works.*

Review your symptoms against those listed in the Known IBS Symptoms section to determine which symptoms require you to follow the this diet plan. Many symptoms are a result of yeast growing out of proportion in your body. Yeast should exists in your body however when it reproduces beyond other levels of bacteria, you will experience negative symptoms.

What is the IBS Diet Plan?

This diet plan enables your body to work against the over-production of yeast in your gut by hindering yeast generation and eliminating the excess amounts. The end result is a healthy equilibrium of bacteria levels in your gut.

1) Time Length of Plan:

You will need to follow this diet plan for a total of 1 month in order to properly decrease the yeast levels to a correct equilibrium.

2) List of Items to Avoid in your Diet:

  • No items containing yeast; particularly bakeries
  • No items containing artificial sugar; particularly bakeries, biscuits, sweets
  • No items containing flour; particularly bakeries
  • No items containing dairy; exception of eggs
  • No items containing caffeine
  • No fermented items or vinegar
  • No dried fruits
  • No alcohol, tea or pop
  • No spicy items
  • No nuts; particularly peanuts
  • No processed foods; fast-food, junk food, etc.

3) List of Items to include in your Diet:

All meat products; avoid smoked products
All vegetables; avoid coleslaw and mushrooms
All whole grains; avoid flour
All fruits; however avoid oranges, grapes, and all types of melon

You are required to follow this diet plan on a strict basis without ‘cheating’. When you ingest foods that are listed as items to avoid during the 1-month period, it only feeds the yeast. When the yeasts are being fed it only allows themselves to over-produce.

Always remember that patience and persistence is key when following the guidelines provided.

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