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IBS Diet – Finding the perfect diet plan for IBS is by far the largest challenge that IBS sufferers face.

* Diets may be different for each IBS sufferer but we have learned many effective methods to align this problem. *


The Million Dollar Question

Many IBS sufferers ask the question ‘how can one truly help to quickly reverse their IBS symptoms. What medications, herbal supplements, treatment programs, diet are available to make this happen’. That very question in many sufferers’ book is the million dollar question.

Well, this question has been answered in full clarity to each IBS sufferer who has asked me for help. They all have been extremely thankful and gracious for the solution. It often is also the most overlooked area as most IBS sufferers are just looking for a quick fix to their IBS symptoms. The reality is, diet is the number one factor in reversing one’s IBS symptoms.

Turning Despair into Hope

Many people have a hard time facing the reality that diet is what changes their overall health. The reason is because many people have never had allergies or problems with foods, before being hit with the daunting ailment of IBS. Some of the symptoms of IBS may not even be immediate if one consumes food that flares up their IBS. These are delayed allergy responses and they are hard to track or be aware of.

There is hope because there are commonalities between those with IBS symptoms. There are many specific foods that causes IBS sufferers grief and when these foods are avoided, this changes the world for those with IBS. The symptoms are uplifted and they begin to find hope again, knowing that their symptoms can be relieved by an IBS Diet.

Turning Hope into Reality

The most difficult part to reverse one’s health is to change your diet and to make these changes a lifestyle. It will not be a quick process to reverse your IBS symptoms so be prepared to change your diet and to make it a habit. Many IBS sufferers I speak to are so thankful now that they actually enjoy the new diet program and they are sticking to it for the long run.

The idea is that you must first be extremely restrictive with your diet and this is called the IBS Diet Plan. This diet needs to be followed exactly as described in order for it to truly aid in your efforts to reverse IBS. After this one month of restrictive diet, you may then be more lenient with a different diet plan as described here.

The Protruding Light

The saying of light at the end of the tunnel is completely valid. This is something that I have personally experienced and I wish to enable every IBS sufferer to achieve the same. Being able to either manage your IBS symptoms or to completely reverse and be in remission of IBS is very possible. However, you must place a lot of effort into your health and the IBS diet will be the first step in getting you there.

Even when your health is not cooperating with you and is preventing you from helping yourself, it is crucial to do your utmost best to follow the diet program as closely as possible. When you are able to get use to the new diet plan over several months, you can then start to add other types of aids to the program to further help your body in reversing the symptoms.

These other types of aids are herbal supplements, alternative treatment plans and other tips that you will be extremely glad that you can use to help yourself. Before thinking further however, it is important to take the first step by changing your diet.

Tips Provided

If you are not the meal preparer, it is very important that you speak to this person and ensure that he/she knows how important the diet change means to you and your health. If this means that everyone but you are eating the same meal, that is what is needed. There is no room for embarrassment or for feeling different because when you have IBS, you are already different from most people.

When purchasing foods/products at the grocery, it is important to always look at the ingredient list in its entirety as many products are too often assumed to not contain ingredients that you are allergic or intolerant with. To find out what foods you are allergic/intolerant to, speak to a Naturopath in your area and request to have a food allergy test conducted.

Many ingredients may not sound familiar to you, so make sure that you use the internet to your advantage. Research on ingredients that are unfamiliar to you and find out if it is what you think it is. For example, if you are intolerable to milk, ingredients such as casein will cause problems for you because it is a dairy product.

If you eat out often, you need to change this habit and start to cook meals at home or have someone do it for you. Restaurants often include ingredients that you may be intolerable to and this will ruin the diet plan you are on especially if you are doing the IBS Diet Plan.

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