IBS Diets

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IBS Diets – provided is a list of dietary recipes that are IBS friendly.

* Prevent ingesting certain types of food in your diet as it may cause undesirable symptoms to recur. Learn how to place less stress on your body by knowing the best IBS diets to follow. *

I will provide guidance in the types of diet that will cause less burden on your already weak system. For the time being, you will need to minimize further damage made to your body by ingesting a proper diet that supports a healthy balanced body.

Keep in mind however that the IBS compatible diets provided here are not meant to be a permanant diet change. When you are able to reverse your IBS symptoms, you may eventually return to your regular diet choices that are non-IBS specific.

IBS Diet Collage

My Previous Situation:

When I was diagnosed with IBS, many types of food caused my symptoms to flare-up almost immediately; particularly diarrhea. I followed the IBS Diet Plan religiously for 1 month (plus herbs) before I began to broaden my diet choices but still following the IBS friendly recipes. That helped to keep my yeast overgrowth in check, resulting in the elimination of many symptoms that I had.

Ensure that you note down the symptoms that you are experiencing and read the Known IBS Symptoms section to learn how to eliminate them. In order to maximize the results, follow the guidelines provided in that section to heal your symptoms and at the same time, stick to the supportive IBS diet choices as provided here.

I no longer follow any IBS friendly recipes since all the foods that use to trigger my symptoms, no longer do! I am free to add any types of food into my diet now and it’s an amazing feeling. I have reversed my IBS and I’m 100% confident that you can be completely free of IBS as well!

When you suffer from IBS, this means that not only is your system weak but it is also imbalanced. It is important to rebalance your body before your body can begin to restrengthen.

An imbalanced body means that the yeast inside of you has grown out of proportion in comparison to the rest of the bacteria. When this happens, many of your IBS symptoms will begin to flare-up. The existence of yeast overgrowth is known as Candida. It is important to quickly reverse Candida as it may lead to more severe symptoms.

As you are eliminating your symptoms by following the guidelines provided for each symptom in the Known IBS Symptoms section, ensure that you are proactively sticking to IBS supportive recipes as provided below.

The first step is to prohibit the yeast from growing and to eliminate the overgrowth that already exists. This requires you to follow the IBS Diet Plan:

1) IBS Diet Plan – Follow for 1 month, thereafter, only as needed.

After completing step 1, you may start to broaden your diet however it is important to stick to IBS supportive recipes to ensure that you reverse your IBS as quickly as possible. Below are a list of highly recommended IBS recipes that are IBS friendly. These IBS diet recipes promote bacterial balance in your body, therefore your system can heal more quickly.

Note that if your symptoms begin to heighten due to unforeseen circumstances, ensure that you follow the IBS Diet Plan once again to keep your yeast count balanced and in-check with the rest of your bacterial levels.

2) Here are a variety of IBS friendly recipes:

* These have been categorized by the week for your convenience.
You may however rotate the daily meals around according to your preference. *

Ensure that your meal servings are low-to-moderate. This enables your food to be properly digested. If become hungry however, you may increase the # of meals per day as opposed to larger servings per meal.

Week # 1

Day 1:  Breakfast     Lunch     Dinner     
Day 2:  Breakfast     Lunch     Dinner     
Day 3:  Breakfast     Lunch     Dinner     
Day 4:  Breakfast     Lunch     Dinner     
Day 5:  Breakfast     Lunch     Dinner     
Day 6:  Breakfast     Lunch     Dinner     
Day 7:  Breakfast     Lunch     Dinner     

Week # 2

Day 8:  Breakfast     Lunch     Dinner     
Day 9:  Breakfast     Lunch     Dinner     
Day 10: Breakfast     Lunch     Dinner     
Day 11: Breakfast     Lunch     Dinner     
Day 12: Breakfast     Lunch     Dinner     
Day 13: Breakfast     Lunch     Dinner     
Day 14: Breakfast     Lunch     Dinner     

(after week # 2, return to week # 1 recipes)

You may have snacks in between your 3 primary meals


Yogurt – add optional, own diced fresh fruits
Fresh Fruits – couple of slices maximum; pineapple, apple, strawberry, pear, etc.
Self-Made Soups – chicken soup, turkey soup, vegetable soup (celery, carrot, corn, potato, lentils, peas), etc.

Fresh Vegetables – celery sticks, baby carrots, plum tomatoes, corn on the cob, etc.
Slices of Meat – fresh or cold-cuts: chicken, turkey, ham, etc.

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