IBS Education

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IBS Education – learning about Irritable Bowel Syndrome is not an easy task.

Living Mindlessly

It can take people many years to finally understand what is happening with their body and why their symptoms are present. Many people go on living their lives enduring the debilitating symptoms and making zero lifestyle changes in their diet towards their health.

When your body is inflicted with IBS, your immune system is set on high and attempting to attack many of the food particles that enter into your bloodstream. This affect ends up tiring out your immune system and resulting in you becoming far more susceptible to other ailments such as the common cold.

The Process of IBS

Almost all IBS sufferers have a condition called the Leaky Gut Syndrome. This happens when yeast over-develops in your gut and starts to dig its roots into your intestinal tract resulting in tiny holes.

This holes allow for food particles/antigens to enter into your bloodstream. The body sees these food particles as a foreign substance and attacks it, resulting in histamines being present.

IBS Education

Symptom Flare-ups

Histamines is why your symptoms exist. It is not easy to deal with these symptoms as it can include constipation, diarrhea, gut pain, bloating, gas, mind fog, etc.

There are much more to learn and to understand, as to why those specific symptoms flare-up. As you begin to scratch the surface of this condition, you will soon realize that IBS is reversible but it will take some patience and consistent efforts.

As you learn far more about IBS, through your persistance in attaining an IBS education, you will understand how to reverse the various symptoms that you have, simply because you understand the root causes. Your main focus is to remove the underlying causes of your symptoms rather than trying to mask the symptoms that presents itself.

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