IBS Enzymes

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IBS Enzymes – understand why you often experience problems when attempting to digest the foods that you have consumed.

Gas Problems

IBS sufferers often lack stomach acid more than anything else as well as a decrease in the beneficial bacteria that exists in the gut. The combination of low stomach acid and a limited flora of beneficial bacteria, results in lots of gas, bloating, indigestion, etc.

The environment in your gut, is the exact combination needed to produce an abundance of gas and the unwanted symptoms that you are experiencing. Taking anti-gas medications will only act like throwing ice on water that sits on top of a boiler. You will continue to have gas after the medications wear out. The idea is to focus on removing the boiler from beneath the water, to allow the water to cool off permanently.

The main focus is to keep all eyes on the source problem, which is the lack of bodily IBS enzymes instead of trying to mask the symptoms that you are experiencing. It may take more effort to tackle the source problem and longer to achieve, but you will love the life-time permanent changes that results from your persistence.

Lack of Enzymes

Most people would take digestive enzymes to help them with breaking down the foods that they have consumed to help minimize the IBS symptoms that they would experience after having a meal.

The lack of enzymes in your gut is the reasoning for the indigestion and bloating. Most IBS sufferers will suddenly lose the ability to consume dairy products such as milk or cheese. All of a sudden they can become lactose intolerant.

I, myself, use to drink a full cup of milk at lunch everyday and had no problems or symptoms. However, when I had IBS, any type of products containing milk would often cause my symptoms to flare-up with diarrhea being the end-result.

IBS Enzymes

Aiding with Digestive Enzymes

Forcing your body to produce more enzymes is not possible, however as you supplement your body with digestive enzymes that it so heavily needs, it alleviates your body from its lack of reserves. Likewise, over a pro-longed period of time of supplementing your body with digestive enzymes, you can begin to increase your body’s natural digestive reserves. The additional digestive supplements will help out your digestive organs immensely.

Taking enzymes to digest your food, would no doubt place less stress in your stomach and intestines when having a meal, in addition to building up more natural bodily reserves. The IBS enzymes presented here have been used with much success from the IBS community of sufferers.

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