IBS Etiology

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IBS Etiology – find out the origin, cause and mode of operation of IBS.

Number of IBS Sufferers

Irritable Bowel Syndrome affects about 36 million Americans. The numbers may be higher as many of these IBS sufferers endure the symptoms silently and do not seek assistance by a medical practitioner.

There are a number of reasons that can cause IBS, however the most well-known reasons are the use of antibiotics or a history of poor diet.

Antibiotics and Diet Types can lead to IBS

With the use of antibiotics, this disrupts the sensitive bacterial environment that exists in your gut. It can wipe-out a lot of the beneficial bacteria in your gut meanwhile attacking the bacteria that the doctor intended.

A history of poor diet, which are high in refined sugars with the consumption of lots of processed foods can also severely affect the bacterial flora that exists in your intestinal tract.

IBS Etiology

Concerns of Yeast Overgrowth

Whenever the beneficial bacteria in the gut is low, the yeast that exists in your intestines can proliferate beyond normal amounts. This occurs because the beneficial bacteria is what normally keeps the yeast quantities in check.

Similary, if too many processed foods and refined sugars are consumed, the yeast can overtake the beneficial bacterias since sugars are what the yeast feeds on and lack of nutritional foods can starve the beneficial bacteria.

When the yeasts proliferates, this is called Candida and it can cause the Leaky Gut Syndrome to be present. This means the yeasts can grow roots into your intestinal tract, poking tiny holes in it.

When you consume foods, the broken food particles/antigens will eventually reach your small intestines, entering the tiny holes and then into your bloodstream. Your body’s immune system responds as it sees these particles as foreign substances. Histamines and IBS symptoms result from this process.

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