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IBS Expert – many people talk about IBS however how many of them truly know what IBS is?

Are Forums Useful?

Perusing the forums for information about IBS is not the best idea as it can strike more concern in your mind than necessary. Also the information that others provide may not necessarily be true for all individuals.

Are Traditional Doctors Helpful?

It may seem like traditional medical doctors are the appropriate people to speak to regarding your IBS symptoms. You may also think that they would provide you with the medications to relieve your symptoms, however with much experience, you will soon come to realize that they are not as knowledgeable with IBS as you would think. They can only suppress your symptoms temporarily.

Who can be Extremely Helpful?

Someone who has had IBS in their life for a long period of time, with consistent symptoms that are severe in nature, with years of built-up knowledge plus experience, is probably your best bet.

Especially if that person is in constant contact with other IBS sufferers. That person would be myself, author of these articles. I have built an IBS community support site, have proactively read articles/books about IBS, have reversed my symptoms, and is currently in remission.

IBS Expert

Well Experienced Sufferers

Although I am not a physician with a practitioner’s license, I am well-educated in the area of IBS, have felt most of the symptoms personally, and can relate.

I have tried numerous treatments, have consulted with many alternative practitioners, and have an abundant supply of facts and knowledge that would prove useful to those with the IBS condition.

Where to Find Help?

Feel free to add your comments or ask questions and I will try my best to reply in a timely fashion. My assistance will always be genuine and I will assist you to the best of my ability. However as always, consult with a qualified practitioner before beginning any type of health program.

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