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IBS FAQ – provide answers to the frequently asked questions requested by many IBS sufferers.

IBS FAQ Questions

Today’s modern doctors are unable to provide answers as to why IBS exists and its cause. I had many questions before nurturing my IBS condition back to health. Now I have compiled a list of answers to all the questions that I have once had as well as what many other IBS sufferers have asked about.

This site is comprised for IBS sufferers and I am encouraging sufferers to submit any questions that they may have, that are not covered in this list. A submission form is available at the bottom of this page.

  • How can I determine whether I have IBS or not?
  • Is Irritable Bowel Syndrome curable?
  • What diet plan can I follow to assist in reversing my IBS?
  • What is the reason that caused me to have IBS?
  • Can IBS lead to other conditions?
  • Does IBS attack suddenly the first time or are there warning signs?

IBS FAQ #1: How can I determine whether I have IBS or not?

It is important for you to consult a doctor to determine whether you have IBS. The doctor will ensure that you are tested for any health ailments. If you are in the clear for other health problems, then you might be classified with having IBS. It is vital that a doctor or gastrointestinal (GI) specialist diagnose your condition.

IBS FAQ #2: Is Irritable Bowel Syndrome curable?

Short answer, yes. Now i’m not saying this because that’s what you want to hear but because I’m living proof. In fact it should not be called curable but reversible.

Your organ function has been disrupted and the bacterial balance has been lost. Now this may be the result of encountering an illness and/or taking antibiotics.

It requires time to reverse your IBS condition. It will take anywhere from 3-9 months if you follow the guidelines religiously that I provide here. I have personally reversed my IBS 100% in 9 months. Read my story here.

IBS FAQ #3: What diet plan can I follow to assist in reversing my IBS?

When attempting to reverse your IBS it is vital to ingest foods that are IBS-friendly. This ensures that you are not encouraging a bacterial imbalance and it places a easier load on your digestive symptom. For full details about IBS diet plans and recipes, click here

IBS FAQ #4: What is the reason that caused me to have IBS?

The leading reasons for becoming an IBS sufferer is because:

  • A) you suffered an from an illness before IBS symptoms became apparent and/or
  • B) you took medications; particularly Antibiotics which led to IBS symptoms

An illness and/or intake of antibiotics can weaken your organs and may also lead to an imbalance of bacteria in your system. Bacterial imbalance occurs when the yeast in your body over-produces beyond normal amounts due to the lack of beneficial bacteria to keep it in check. The existence of yeast overgrowth is also known as Candida.

Learn more about What is Candida here*Follow the Spit Test to confirm whether you have Candida.

To view further information from an external resource:
What is Candida?

IBS FAQ #5: Can IBS lead to other conditions?

The IBS symptoms that are present, is a warning indicator from your body, to indicate that your system is having issues. With IBS, it can be the result of Candida and/or simply a weak digestive system causing your system to experience problems. Keeping this in mind, it can lead to other conditions if left untreated, contrary to what conventional doctors may tell you.

If you are not digesting and absorbing your foods at a sufficient level, your organs lack the nutrients and will begin to deteriorate over time. Treat your symptoms early, start now. This site is littered with useful information to get you on track to the road of recovery.

FAQ #6: Does IBS attack suddenly the first time or are there warning signs?

Often times, the first warning sign starts with changes in your digestion and/or your bowel movements. These changes may not be apparent at first and can easily be mistaken for a stomach flu or an isolated occurrence. These upsetting symptoms will stay present day after day even after the very first onset and soon you will realize that a problem exists.

By the time that you see several physicians and become diagnosed with IBS, three months would have elapsed. This condition requires three months of continuous IBS symptoms before you can be properly diagnosed with the condition.

Prior to the three months, most doctors will have an extremely hard time determining what the problem may be and assume that your body is just trying to expel problematic foods that were consumed.

IBS appears to be an opportunist ailment that strikes when your body is weak but note that the path to IBS is often detectable when reviewing one’s diet history and lifestyle.

It is often the case that an IBS sufferer either consumes lots of processed foods, high in refined sugars and/or has an unhealthy lifestyle. However, when your system is weak, this is when IBS strikes and when it does, it will be a long road to recovery.