IBS Food to Avoid

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IBS Food to Avoid – It is not an easy task to know which foods are causing your body grief. Before you can allow your body to heal and be at rest, it first needs to be alleviated from incompatible foods.

* Your daily diet can truly contribute to your ill health and prevent you from regaining the health that you are looking to achieve. First, focus on eliminating the health damaging foods, then look to other methods to create a well-rounded health program. *

IBS Food to Avoid

The Hidden Health Hazard

When it comes to rebuilding your health, many people are unaware of how significant an Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) sufferer’s diet can play in one’s frequency and severity of symptoms. Those who are new to IBS may be completely obliviant as to their body’s reaction to their current diet.

About 80% of those in the world suffering from IBS, have yet to know that what they are consuming in their diet, is actually resulting in their bodies reacting negatively. One of the primary reasons as to why these sufferers are unaware that their diet plays a role in their symptoms, is because they have never had such food allergies before.

Well at least with the foods they are currently consuming, they have never had body reactions before. Furthermore, many of the reactions are delayed reactions, resulting in the IBS sufferer being completely unaware that the foods they had consumed a few days (up to a week) earlier, are the culprit to their agonizing symptoms.

This hidden situation, of the IBS sufferer, having no clue that their diet is causing their body harm, results in continuous daily incompatible food consumption and reactive symptoms that the IBS sufferer just deals with. When the IBS sufferer goes to seek treatment from an array of sources, with none of them focused on his/her diet, it is bound to result in little comfort.

An analogy of how important one’s diet is for an IBS sufferer, in alleviating his/her symptoms, is like building a house. If you were to build framing, roofing and siding for the house without building a solid foundation such as concrete with rebars, the house will fall apart. The house needs a solid footing on or beneath the ground before further structures above can be securely built.

The previous house analogy is the same scenario for your health. If you first focus on your daily diet, you will be able to determine and plan out a compatible meal regimen for your body, where your body would graciously thank you for it. If however, you stay with the same type of diet you were on, before being diagnosed with IBS, you will not be doing your body a favor, but instead, putting it in harms way.

Build a Solid Health Foundation

To build that solid health foundation, creating that first crucial step to a healthy body, in hopes of reversing IBS, you must first focus on your diet. Your body has to digest your meals at least three times a day for most people. The nutrients from the food are distributed all over your body.

You want to have foods that do not place your immune system on alert mode and are also well taken by your body. This allows your body to rest as soon as the digestion has completed, instead of scrambling to attack what your body sees as foreign harmful substances, which are left-over food particles that are incompatible with your body.

With your initial thoughts, you may be thinking that your diet should only play a small role in your symptoms because at the end of the day, food is food. Well, this is quite the contrary, because depending on what food it is, your body can send signals to your immune that it needs to create antigens to attack the food particles that were just digested.

Many successfully reversed IBS sufferers know the importance of creating that solid foundation in their health as a first step, focussing on which IBS food to avoid, resulting in the positive outcomes that they experience right from the get-go. It is not by chance that foods may or may not be one of the primary reasons for your health symptoms. All, if not most, IBS suffers have become susceptible to food allergies because their body, specifically the gut has become leaky.

This leaky gut allows food particles to enter the bloodstream and depending on your body, the food particles can either be seen as foreign (incompatible) or compatible. It’s best to notice the foods that you consume and then determine if you are reacting in a negative manner, given some time after the meal. Create a journal entry and write down all the foods that you consume during the week and also write down the symptoms that you experience that same week. This allows you to determine which IBS food to avoid.

Having a journal created for the past month would be ideal, further contributing to your discovery of IBS food to avoid. This allows you to determine patterns across all your symptoms versus foods and allows you to spot trends of which foods are likely a culprit to your symptoms. For an easier method of testing, with a high degree of accuracy, you can simply conduct a blood test at your Naturopath. The test results will be submitted back to you from a private lab. The results will detail exactly which foods you are allergic to and helps you to guide your diet regimen.

The cost to visit a Naturopath and to conduct a food allergy blood test can be quite expensive. A more economical method, would be to understand which foods statistically, cause grief for IBS sufferers. Armed with the IBS food to avoid list, you can then focus on the foods that you can consume. There may be exceptions, where foods not on the avoidance list, can cause you agony but try to notice these and avoids those as well. The IBS food to avoid list is not exhuastive but it boasts well for about 90% of all IBS sufferers who have followed this diet regimen.

The common list of IBS food to avoid however, is fairly accurate and often presents significant results for IBS sufferers. Many IBS sufferers have followed the IBS food to avoid list and found significant results, allowing them to have more energy to seek further treatment to bring their health to an even further optimal state.

Remember that your health can flucuate daily but with consistent care and focus, you will be able to attain permenant positive results with your health, over-time. With the aid of the IBS food to avoid list, you will be in much better shape than you were prior to practicing this new diet.

Do not let your daily habits of consuming the same category of foods, do further harm to your body, as IBS can lead to further ill-health despite what traditional doctors have said. Focus on the can-do’s of your life and place your health in a much better shape than it was in the past month. Keep up your consistent efforts until you can reflect on your health half a year later and realize the extraordinary amount of improvement that you have attained over the months.

Tips Provided

Life is truly what you put into it, as they say “what you put into life, is what you get out of it”. There is not much more that can be said about this phrase than what it means. As long as you can focus on your trail to better health, and to actually action on it, you will be successful in achieving this goal before you know it.

As with life, having its high’s and low’s, you will also notice this with your health despite all of your efforts. Some days, you will notice a dramatic improvement in your health and on other days, you will feel like you are a few steps back. However, know that the amount you have fallen back will not be anywhere near the amount that you have gained through your efforts.

Simply keep consistent with your IBS food to avoid list, and you will notice some dramatic results in how you feel. From there, keep your efforts leveled, continue to seek other treatment plans after achieving a solid state of health, where you have enough energy to perform your daily tasks.

A diet plan compatible with your body will not eliminate all of your symptoms but it will help out with many and eliminate some of them completely. The key is to keep a consistent effort and to truly stick to the IBS Diet Plan as laid out, without cheating for the month. This will allow your immune to be placed at rest in order to achieve maximum healing and benefit for your body.

Your body prioritizes which of its area to heal first and if it is not busy trying to fend off your incompatible digested foods, which are seen as foreign invaders, then it can spend its time in healing your body.

The IBS Diet Plan will lay out the exact types of IBS food to avoid and allows you to realize how these foods were affecting your health when you stay away from them. Keep a reminder at all times that patience with IBS is key and it will take time for improvements to show. It is not an over-night situation, where you would expect results right away the very next day.

Instead, your IBS symptoms will slowly wane off over-time and you may not even notice the amount of improvement in your health, yourself. Sometimes it takes someone close to you to let you know that your symptoms have improved significantly, because you are too close to your own symptoms resulting in you not noticing how much better off you are. As you keep consistent with IBS food to avoid list, the disallowed foods can slowly be integrated back into your diet, but you must at least follow the IBS Diet Plan for a month to notice some results. For maximum results, you can perform this diet plan on two or more different occasions throughout the year.

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