IBS Foods

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IBS Foods – there are more foods than you think which are IBS-friendly.

Food Intolerance

Many IBS sufferers are consuming food products that are not compatible with their body. IBS symptoms are quick to surface after consuming the foods that irritate your gut. Often times the IBS sufferer does not even know that the continued consumption of the same foods are the cause of their symptoms.

It is best to keep a diary of your daily diet and your symptoms so that you know which foods are likely to cause IBS symptoms to occur. You will likely need to use limited ingredients for your meals as well as change them up drastically on a daily basis so that you do not overlap on your food types/ingredients. This allows you to better determine the foods that are causing your gut much unwanted grief.

Determining Delayed Reactions

The most difficult connection to make, is when foods result in symptoms a few days after the consumption. It is likely that a fair number of foods can cause delayed symptom flare-ups within the body.

The body can react immediately to allergic foods but it can also take a number of days to react after the food has been consumed. If a specific food causes an unwanted reaction a few days after consuming it, every time it is consumed, then you know what is disagreeable with you.

Keeping a Diary

When you have an idea of which foods are triggering your symptoms, you can then start to cut them out of your diet and see if there are changes in your symptoms or not. You will likely have to be very detailed in your diary in order to ensure you are making valid conclusions about foods that react with your body.

IBS Foods

Tips Provided

It is best to start off with an IBS Diet Plan in order to clean your body of any residue antigens. When this has been completed, you may then follow through with a 2-week recipe program which introduces a larger variety of IBS foods that are friendly to your gut.

Consult with your local medical practitioner before beginning a health program.

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