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IBS Health – do you know what is more important than your health?

Help the Helper First

Nothing is more important than your health. Maybe you can argue that your loved one’s health is more important, but before you can help others, you first need to help yourself.

Manage Expectations

You also need to manage your own expectations. You cannot expect to have optimal health in a matter of a few weeks. Expectations like these are non-realistic and they need to be re-reviewed.

Once you understand that it can take up to 9 months or more, dependant on the strength of your body and immune system, then you are far more likely to stick to the program to reverse your IBS symptoms without thinking about giving up.

Without Health…

Place your health as your number one priority. Without health, you cannot care for another, you cannot travel, nor can you consume many types of foods due to your allergies, your stamina to exercise is low, your ability to avoid claiming sick days at work is low, etc.

IBS Health

Stay Consistent

While working on your IBS symptoms, know and understand that some of your symptoms may flare-up severely intermittently. This is part of the normal process as your body can be weaker at various times, allowing the IBS symptoms to grasp a hold of your health.

This does not mean that you ease up on your program and give-in to your symptoms. This situation, for me, actually means more war on IBS, and to fight harder by sticking to your program to attack your IBS symptoms until they subside.

The longer you stick and stay consistent with your program, to reverse your IBS symptoms, the more proud you will be over that duration of time. At the end, being able to achieve remission from IBS symptoms means everything in the world. I have done it, and although it requires a whole lot of effort, I know that you can do it as well.

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