IBS History

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IBS History – want to know how IBS came about?

The Dawn of IBS

Decades ago, Irritable Bowel Syndrome was nowhere as prevalent as it is today. The usage of strong antibiotics and other medications that disrupt the natural growth, health, and balance of the gut is far too common in today’s world.

Traditional medical doctors continue to hand out antibiotics for bacterial infections that can actually be treated with naturally occuring herbs that are non-invasive. Over-the-counter drugs at your local drug store can be very invasive to your body.

The Growth of Chemicals

Many decades ago, all fruits and vegetables were harvested fresh with very little chemicals and insecticides. Even the cows use to consume grass that were not sprayed with multiple chemicals.

Nowadays however, almost all fruits and vegetables available at your local big box chain stores, are sprayed with multiple chemicals. Similarly, the beef in the meat aisle have come from farms where the cows have consumed foods containing multiple chemicals.

IBS History

From Fresh to Preservatives

To add further chaos to today’s diet, we now carry an abundance of foods that are extremely processed and preserved, leaving very little nutritional value in the foods that we consume.

In the olden days, foods were typically delivered to the food markets more often due to its quick expiry time and lack of preservatives. These foods contained a great deal of vitamins and other nutritional value.

The New Era of IBS

A long time ago, IBS still existed, however it was seen more as an irregular gut problem and this was a very rare condition to have. Now however, a term has been associated with this condition and called the Irritable Bowel Syndrome due to the high count of patients now presenting this problem. This is attributable to the foods we eat, the antibiotics we take, etc. in today’s fast paced world where profits mean more than harboring everyone’s health.

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