IBS in Cats

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IBS in Cats – your cat may be presenting signs of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, but what are the signs?

The Warning Signs

If you notice that your cat is having bowel movement problems, such as wet stool or diarrhea, you know that it may require attention. Also if your cat takes a couple of days before any defecation occurs, this needs to be looked at also.

Cats with IBS may behave differently depending on their personality. Often times however, they would make less movement and are less energetic. The cat may also suddenly become more and more shy, indicating a less social personality change.

A cat suffering from IBS may even show a bit of aggression or become more irritable than normally displayed. Little behavior changes such as more claw scratching or a need to hide, can be indicators of something biologically affecting your cat such as IBS in cats.

An Experienced Veterinarian

It is best to set up an appointment to have your cat to be seen by a qualified veterinarian. They can likely help to diagnose if your cat is having gut problems.

The veterinarian can also help to provide you with tips on how to care for your cat properly. This may include a change in their diet as well as changes in and around the house that the cat lives in.

These areas of changes are the most significant modifications that can make the cat more comfortable and help in preventing future symptom flare-ups. Focusing on the diet and living environment are often the first most significant items to address before all else.

IBS in Cats

Keeping Attentive

There may be obstacles around the house that causes stress to your cat and stress is a well-known factor to flare-up IBS symptoms. So try to make the house as cat-friendly as possible.

Occasionally, veterinarians may prescribe medications for your cat. This can provide you and your cat with a bit of relief knowing that the symptoms have been suppressed, even if it is temporarily.

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