IBS in Women

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IBS in Women – it is that much harder for women to handle IBS symptoms than men.

Understanding the Statistics

Statistically speaking, woman are more likely to be inflicted with IBS than men. Here are some information to intrigue your mind.

If the only reasons for causing IBS are the use of antibiotics and a long history of poor diet, then statistically, men and woman would have equal chances of having IBS.

Differences with Women vs Men

In today’s world, this is not the case. For one, many women commonly take birth control pills. This can disrupt the process of the gut, with prolonged usage of the pills, resulting in IBS. Medically speaking, it is hard to state conclusive answers regarding the connection between birth control pills and IBS.

Some scientists however, have discovered that hormonal changes can trigger the condition of IBS. Conclusive studies have yet to be confirmed.

IBS in Women

Managing Flare-ups

When the menstrual cycle hits, it is very difficult for women to handle both the typical period symptoms as well as the flare-up of IBS symptoms. The IBS symptoms tend to flare-up the week before the period begins.

Furthermore to the need to handle the period symptoms plus IBS symptoms, it is not relieving for women to also know that they are more sensitive to gut pain than men. Men can tolerate more pain, whether it is internal or external experienced pain. The lower pain tolerance can aggravate a women more and cause more mood swings than normal. IBS in women can be a very disruptive condition when combined with the other symptoms experienced with the period cycles, but both of these areas need to be carefully managed.

To better manage these monthly flare-ups, traditional doctors often provide women with depression or anti-anxiety medications to temporarily provide relief for their IBS symptoms.

A diet change however, will likely help to minimize the level of severity of the IBS symptoms. This is a more effective longer-term solution. Some diet recipes have been provided for your reference here.

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