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IBS International – IBS is present in all countries around the globe.

Finding the Grass Roots of IBS

This can be the result of people being inflicted more commonly in one country before they travel to another country to live in. Alternatively, the people can have originally been inflicted with IBS in the country they currently live in.

Determining where IBS originated can be very difficult as many people with IBS live in silence regarding their symptoms.

Where’s the Weakest Link?

It is absolutely certain however that the western countries are more likely to be diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome due to the common usage of antibiotics and the massively distributed processed and frozen foods.

The combination of using antibiotics and a long history of poor diet can easily lead you to the condition of IBS. The naturally living beneficial bacteria in the body is in equilibrium in a healthy individual. When disrupted, it can lead to many digestive problems such as IBS.

IBS International

The Least Susceptible

In the eastern hemisphere, it is far less common for doctors to handout prescription antibiotics for ailments including the common flu.

Furthermore, the foods are often more fresh and contain more nutrients as well as vitamins. The body needs these supplements in order to keep the body and digestive organs working optimally.

IBS is a international phenomena, affecting people from all over the world. It is up to all of us as an individual, to speak of this condition to your friends and family in hopes of more publicity to help fund a larger organization to research this condition.

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