IBS Lactose

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IBS Lactose – many people are lactose intolerate solely as a result of IBS.

The Attempts to Consume Dairy

Now you may have tried on many occasions to consume dairy but it is not the most easiest of products to consume without the expectation of triggering your IBS symptoms.

Often the level of severity of having a reaction with dairy products is very high for those who are intolerant to these products. Some of the common symptoms are bloating, stomach pain, gas, and diarrhea. Those who are only mildly allergic to the dairy products, will experience similar symptoms but it will only cause mild discomfort.

Allergy Products

The dairy products that IBS sufferers are often allergic to are cheese, milk, or any other products that contain these ingredients. Note that some people are allergic to specific types of cheeses but not all, so these are people with partial allergies to dairy.

Some of the proteins in the various cheeses are digestible and compatible with IBS sufferers. However, some protein can cause havoc to IBS sufferers who show severe IBS lactose intolerance to specific cheeses.

Tips Provided

There are a number of ways to slowly develop a tolerance to dairy. One of them is to avoid the food products for a period of a month prior to re-introducing them back to your system. Follow this IBS Diet Plan to set you off to a solid start.

IBS Lactose

Alternatively some people take lactose pills to help them break-down the milk products as they are consumed. The enzymes in these pills are designed to break-down dairy, in-which your body is lacking.

Gut repair pills can also help to prevent the food particles/antigens from reaching your bloodstream causing a bodily reaction.

There are many other ways but these are the top choices that lactose intolerant IBS sufferers often choose.

You must be careful however, as sometimes, some IBS sufferers do not experience relief even with lactose pills. This means that they are truly allergic to the protein and they are not simply lacking the enzymes necessary to break-down the protein.

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