IBS Low Starch Diet

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IBS Low Starch Diet – does a low starch diet really help out with your IBS symptoms?

The Starch Content

Often the foods that trigger your IBS symptoms are those that contain a high content of starch. Starchy foods however are typically not as concerning as other food products that can severely flare-up your IBS symptoms such as diary products.

Keep to Moderated Levels of Consumption

Items such as potatos and rice are high in their starch content. Products such as these should be reduced to amounts that are reasonable. I would not avoid these foods completely but rather, keep them in moderate proportions.

As the saying goes “everything in moderation” is quite the true scenario for IBS sufferers. There are some foods that you want to avoid completely however, for those foods that are IBS-friendly, you only want to consume these foods in moderation. You do not want to keep consuming the same foods over and over as you need a variety of nutrients/minerals. However, you also need to stay focused on the foods that are best for your health which will not flare-up any symptoms.

The Good and the Bad

Some IBS sufferers however found that completely eliminating starch from their diet, helps to completely stop all minor symptoms as well.

Eliminating all foods that contain starch can limit your diet and potentially harm your health as a result of the lack of nutrients from a variety of food products that are higher in their starch content. It is possible nonetheless, to be on a strict no starch diet.

IBS Low Starch Diet

Find the Right Balance

If you find that your symptoms are on the decline as a result of reducing your starch consumption levels, then continue on that diet.

However, try to take-in the necessary vitamins through supplements if you decide to stay on a very restricted diet. This allows your body to have access to the vitamins/nutrients it requires to keep your body regulated, yet prevent the symptoms from flaring-up.

Take notes of when you start your low starch diet and the symptoms that you experience on a day-by-day basis. This will make it easier to track your progress.

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