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IBS Massage – what is the news about hands that can heal an ailment?

The Healing Hands

It has been known for many centuries that a hand can soothe and heal an ailment. The degree to which it does is yet to be known.

Many times when a new-born is sufferering from an ailment, the mother’s touch and rub, can make a notable difference in the outcome and direction of the illness.

Not only does the hand present the body with the warmth in temperature, but it also affects the mind by providing the soothing, personal touch. Hands do radiate infrared heat and chi, which are the ingredients needed to aid in healing the body through the hands.

What’s the Purpose?

Speaking in logical terms however, most IBS sufferers seek treatment from a massage practitioner to help out with stiff muscles that often ache. This typically includes the lower back muscles.

A deep tissue massage will help with relaxing the muscles and prevent stiffness/pain. Alternatively, the lighter type of massages can still help to relax and soothe the body reducing irritability.

With continued deep tissue massage, it can help to loosen up the knots that often build up underneath the skin. The routine weekly massage, can help to knead out the knots and prevent future knots from forming.

IBS Massage

For Prolonged Results

For longer term results to stop or prevent prolonged muscle pains, it would be useful to include an exercise routine to your weekly schedule. This should last for at least 15 minutes per workout session in order to achieve any benefits from it.

Try to work out on your core muscles and those that are aching or weak. A personal trainer can assist you in determining the best routines to strengthen those muscles.

Often the weakest muscles are the ones that present you with the most pain and soreness. Being able to provide the needed IBS massage and muscle strengthening exercises, you will be on the path to muscle tightness/pain prevention.

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