IBS Nausea

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One of the all-time worst feelings to experience is IBS nausea.
Do yourself a favor and learn how to reverse this issue now!

The idea here isn’t to learn how to deal with this symptom, but to understand how to eliminate it completely for good.

*I have had long-term IBS nausea in the past and I do not want anyone experiencing this as it’s the absolute worst symptom to deal with.*


When nausea is present, it ultimately feels like a dark cloud is hovering above you at all times. Nausea can induce you to vomit and sometimes you really do, but in most cases you actually don’t vomit, but you have the urge to.

In some cases, you feel nauseated when eating solid foods during and/or right after recovering from an illness. In other cases, nausea is present at almost all times of the day irregardless if you have fallen ill.

I do not recommend taking Gravol or any other type of motion sickness/nausea reduction pills as it only provides temporary relief. I want to cure you and reverse your symptoms permanently instead of ‘just for the day’.

There are many reasons for the cause of IBS nausea and this includes the following:

Getting over an Illness

If you feel that you’re at the last stages of an illness (which may be food poisoning/stomach flu) and reaching recovery, you may still encounter the feeling of nausea. This is because the bacteria in your body has not yet rebalanced and any introduction of solid foods would only induce stronger urges to vomit.

Weight Loss

Scale Weight Loss

If you are continually losing weight, this contributes to your feeling of nausea. It means that your body is not taking in enough nutrients from the daily diet, therefore it begins to extract the sources from your body. This causes weight loss as well as the nausea effect.


Extreme Stress/Emotions/Anxiety

When you are placed on an emotional roller coaster ride, it takes a heavy toll on your system. Your body starts to produce more hormones and stomach acid which induces nausea. Whether it be a tragic event, a very emotional confrontional event, a hefty work-load, etc., it weakens your entire system and causes your body to regulate poorly.

Taking Prescription Pills (ie. Antibiotics)


The intake of certain medications can cause nausea. Antibiotics for example, causes nausea because it not only kills the bad bacteria but all the good bacteria as well. As living human-beings, we need sufficient bacteria in our systems in order to survive.

When there exists an imbalance of bacteria in our system, some people would experience nausea. Therefore, it is important to understand that medication can easily create an imbalanced environment within your system and IBS nausea can result; particularly from antibiotics.

The key to remove IBS nausea from your life!

Getting over an Illness

Only ingest bland, liquid forms of food when you are overcoming an illness such as the stomach flu/food poisoning. The foods may include, congee, any type of soup, juice, etc. This is necessary until your body’s bacteria have rebalanced itself and is ready to take-in solid forms of food.

I would suggest, keeping away from solid foods for 5-7 days until you feel healthy enough to ingest them. Even then, make sure to eat bland solid foods to begin with, such as potato, rice, etc. If you become nauseated after ingesting solid foods, return back to bland liquid forms of food for the same duration again.

Weight Loss

Ensure that you take-in enough nutrients in your diet. If you are just getting over an illness, ensure that you ingest enough bland liquid forms of food such as congee, soup, juices, etc. You do not want your body to deteriorate by having the nutrients extracted from your own system as a substitute source, due to lack of nutrient intake from your daily diet.

If you happen to be a body builder, you need to wait until your body balances back to your normal body weight. There aren’t any ways around this, since taking in an abundance amount of protein and carbohydrates to maintain your weight, would only cause your feeling of nausea to escalate since your system is too weak to handle it.

Extreme Stress/Emotions/Anxiety

Stress Management

It is important to avoid any stressful event that causes strong negative emotions, uneasiness, or anxiety to be present. It is best to keep yourself in an environment that supports zen and tranquility for most, if not all of your day.

If an extremely stressful situation occurs, ensure that you spend the next 30 minutes to yourself to calm down and relax. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to spend the 30 minutes alone.

However, you do need to learn how to calm your system down so that it functions at a normal pace; try to achieve a pulse rate similar to someone who is resting. When your system is calm, it promotes the right environment for the body to function normally.

If anxiety/nervousness is present, read here to learn how to eliminate it. It may be your source cause of feeling nauseated.

Taking Prescription Pills (ie. Antibiotics)


It takes time for your system to rebalance after a set of medication has been taken. Allow your body to recover for 2-4 weeks afterwards, dependent on how you feel. If it has been 4 weeks already after completing your set of medication and you still feel nauseated, it’s time to find a solution.

Often times, if it is medication related, it is antibiotics that leads to IBS. With the in-take of antibiotics, it usually leads to a bacteria imbalance in your system. Read the solution within the diarrhea section to solve this problem. It requires a diet change as well as some intake of herbs.

IBS nausea is a reversable symptom, however it requires patience and consistency. Follow the guidelines above and you are well on your road to recovery.

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Nausea can take a person up and down a road no person wants to walk. It is debilitating and just down-right uncomfortable. Revive your life with a new start in the healthcare field with a CSU-Global Degree in Healthcare Administration.