IBS Nutrition

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IBS Nutrition – Find out how to absorb the nutrition from your diet or increase the supplements

Are you Absorbing Sufficient Nutrients?

When one is striken with IBS, it often causes the sufferers to endure symptoms such as fatigue. This may prompt the sufferer to believe that the nutrition from their diets are not being well absorbed by their body.

This can be contradictive however, a person can feel extremely tired however still be absorbing the vitamins and nutrition from their diet very well.

It is important to understand what your situation is, because each individual experiences different scenarios. Once you know what your scenario is, you are much better-suited to know what your action plan would be, to allow you to start feeling healthier and less fatigued.

What is the Leaky Gut Syndrome?

With IBS, it is often that the Leaky Gut Syndrome is present. This condition basically means that the intestines have tiny holes and the food particles from the food can easily enter into the bloodstream resulting in the body’s defense mechanism to become active.

The symptoms can include headfog and tiredness, etc. The idea here is to rebalance your gut with beneficial bacteria and remove the over-abundance of yeast in your gut. This will help to minimize your body’s immune system from working on over-drive and aids in the recovery process. As your body has the opportunity to heal, it will feel less and less fatigued and more rejuvenated.

IBS Nutrition

Tips Provided

Work on preventing unbroken food from entering your intestines by taking digestive enzymes and at the same time, take probiotics to supplement the existing good bacteria in your gut.

Over-time your body can slowly begin to rebalance, however it is important to seek the help of an alternative practitioner to ensure that your body is experiencing positive results from the program.

As your body starts to heal through a rebalanced gut environment, you will also begin to think more clearly and feel more refreshed. The herbal supplements need to be taken for a prolonged period of time and slowly decreased as you start to feel better.

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