IBS Proper Diet

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IBS Proper Diet – work on making a healthy diet part of a healthy habit.

Diet – An Effective Solution

Sufferers of IBS often find that a diet change is the single most effective treatment for IBS. It can make all the difference between being bothered by your symptoms and not being bothered.

Almost all Irritable Bowel Syndrome sufferers have allergies to food products. Those that do not, often do not yet know, that the foods are causing their symptoms.

Knowing the Root Cause

Lets make it clear that although foods are the cause of your symptoms, it is not the root cause. The root cause of experiencing your symptoms is often due to a condition called the Leaky Gut Syndrome.

This syndrome is where your gut has tiny holes and the food that you consume is leaked into your bloodstream. Your immune system then heightens and fends off these foods which are seen as antigens.

IBS Proper Diet

Histamines result from the body attacking the antigens. This is the cause of all your food allergies. So having a IBS friendly diet on a daily basis can make all the difference in your symptoms.

IBS-Friendly Diet Recipes

The diet recipes provided here are more than sufficient to last you a period of two weeks. From there you can further refine your diet to eliminate foods which are specific to you that results in allergies.

Likewise you can also add ingredients that you are very fond of. The only area of caution, is to ensure that the ingredients you are adding to these recipes, are not negatively affecting your health. So to err on the side of caution, if you are unsure if an ingredient that you are choosing to add, may be impacting your health, it is recommended that you simply not add it at all to the recipes.

The only way to surely find out, is to conduct an allergy test. The best allergy tests available on the market are those conducted by a Naturopath clinic. These consists of blood tests which are then sent to a private lab that checks for responses from a vast range of ingredients. This way you can know for sure which foods react with your body. The costs are a bit hefty but definitely valuable in terms of aiding you with an IBS proper diet, with the goal of reducing your symptoms.

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