IBS Prostatitis

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IBS Prostatitis – having prostate pain is something you need looked at by a qualified practitioner.

Requesting a Check-up

The inflammation and pain can be looked at and properly diagnosed by a qualified medical practitioner. It can be classified in any of the 4 categories, with category 1 requiring urgent medical treatment.

IBS vs Prostatitis

IBS is not a cause of prostatitis and vice versa. These two conditions are completely different and should not be confused with one another.

Some IBS sufferers started having digestive and gut problems after taking antibiotics for prostatitis. It is important to follow the recommendation of your medical practitioner and at the same time use your own best judgement.

Take Charge of your Health

Do not let the doctor take 100% authority in your health. It is best to take in the doctors recommendation and then make your own call or inquire with others who have had similar ailments/conditions.

IBS Prostatitis

The Mild Form of Prostatitis

Category 3 prostatitis is oddly strange as it means that you have no known infection but the pain in the pelvic region can last more than 3 months.

The conditions of IBS and prostatitis needs to be reviewed separately by a qualified medical practitioner in order to seek the best treatment program.

Understanding that IBS and prostatitis are separate problems altogether, you want to be correctly diagnosed with either one of them or none at all. Its best to seek the attention of a qualified practitioner and also receive a second opinion from another practitioner. This way you can go home feeling comfortable with the diagnosis that has been presented to you. This is of course, if the diagnosis between the two practitioners match.

Remember that the gut spans from the mouth all the way down to the anus. It is no wonder that pelvic pain can be confused with the pain of an IBS symptom. There is nothing more comforting than first having a proper diagnosis conducted. From there, if it is prostatitis, then the doctor will have a solution for you. On the other hand, if it is IBS, then its all in your hands to ensure you find a solution to better your health and ultimately your quality of life. We’re here to help if your diagnosis is the latter. The combined diagnosis of IBS prostatitis is rare and likely to be one or the other if it is to be either one of them.

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