IBS Shoulder Pain

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IBS Shoulder Pain – the pain experienced in your upper body can be a nagging or a sharp pain.

Understanding the Cause

For those with nagging pain or sharp pains, it may or may not have to do with your Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Often Irritable Bowel Syndrome sufferers, have problems with their bowels. This includes the entire gut from the mouth, all the way to the anus.

Now for some, the sensitivity can also include the shoulders. Most often the pain is experienced in the lower back. If the pain does not go away after two full days, it is time to take action to find relief.

A Quick Medical Solution

For some, a pain relief medication such as Aspirin or Tyenol is all they need. For others however, the pain just does not go away effectively after taking pain medications.

It is important to stop the pain medications if it does not provide you with relief or if the pain relapses quickly after the medication has been stopped. A more natural remedy is available.

IBS Shoulder Pain

Relieving Persistent Pain

The natural treatment that has provided wide success to almost all patients with body aches and pains, is Acupuncture. This treatment existed for centuries and has been known for its fast effective results.

Find a qualified Acupuncturist in your area to find relief for your shoulder pain problem. It can quickly provide long-term relief to your pain after one to two treatments. Try it out and you will not regret that you did.

The reason that Acupuncture works so well for IBS shoulder pain, is because it can help to relax the muscle that is extremely tense and sensitive. Not only that, but Acupuncture can also help to open up the meridian channels that may have been blocked over the years of repetitive or extraneous movement.

Remember that after your Acupuncture treatment, you do not want to partake in any exercises for the remainder of the day, as your body is balancing the pulses of your body. The next day after the treatment however, it is definitely okay to partake in any exercise programs.

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