IBS South Asia

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IBS South Asia – Do you know that IBS also exists in South Asia?

The Weakness of the West

The most important piece of information is that Irritable Bowel Syndrome is nowhere as prevalent as it is in the western hemisphere. The reason-being is due to the diet and medication prescribed to those living in the opposite hemispheres.

In the western hemisphere, especially in North America, the foods are highly processed and do not contain a rich content of vitamins and nutrients. In addition to this, lots of junk food are often consumed as a result of fast-food chains existing at the end of each block.

How the Damage is Done

The worst of all however, is how traditional doctors in North America would prescribe antibiotics for a large number of health problems. It is used so often and frequently that it can seriously damage the healthy balance of bacterial flora in one person’s gut.

When antibiotics are taken in combination with processed foods, this can hamper your intestinal flora and allow the yeast that already exists, to flourish far beyond healthy amounts. When the yeast over-populates, they then mutate and bore holes in your intestinal tract leaving it to allow for food particles to enter the blood stream. This is called the Leaky Gut Syndrome.

IBS South Asia

Strengths of the East

Those living in the South Asia region, often eat fresh products and rarely consume products that are highly processed. At the same time, antibiotics are nowhere used as often as it is in North America. There are various herbs used for ailments especially in China, so the need for antibiotics is not necessary.

Without the high usage of antibiotics to hamper the gut’s delicate flora balance, there is often a low count of people diagnosed with IBS. This is how life should be, the absence of health ailments that are not thoroughly understood. North America has a growing number of unknown health ailments that never existed in the past decades due to the ever-changing diet and prescription medications.

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