IBS Specialists

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IBS Specialists – How many gastrointestinal (GI) specialist out there can cure your IBS symptoms?

There is no “Cure”

The answer is quite simple as no GI doctor in this world can cure your IBS. Do not be let down however, as there are solutions that will help to reverse your Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms.

A cure for IBS means that the problem was a disease that can be cured. IBS however is caused by a lengthy period of poor diet and/or the use of antibiotics. Medication will not reverse your deteriorating digestive system.

Set the Right Environment to Heal

What needs to be focused on, is enabling your body with the most ideal environment to heal and to reverse the imbalance of bacteria in your gut. The original cause resulting in the IBS condition is what needs to be reversed, not a need for a cure.

So the initial step would be to modify your diet to one that is IBS-friendly. This will enable your body to heal while it has the most ideal environment available. When you continually consume foods that hamper your system, your body would be too busy dealing with the reactions resulting from the foods, rather than to heal for the better.

IBS Specialists

Tips Provided

The list of recipes that are IBS-friendly have been provided here. However it is ideal to first follow the IBS Diet Plan to set an ideal foundation in your body to start rebuilding your health.

Before beginning any health program, it is always recommended to consult with a qualified health practitioner. As the founder of ReversingIBS, I wish you health in the near future with the absence of IBS symptoms.

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