IBS Splenda

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IBS Splenda – should you start to rearrange your diet to only focus on including artificial sweeteners to your diet?

Facts and Caution with Artificial Sugars

Artificial sweeteners are thought by many IBS sufferers to reduce their IBS symptoms as it is not the same as regular refined white or brown sugars. It also satisfies the crave for regular sugar types.

What these IBS sufferers do not know is that all artificial sweeteners such as Splenda, can cause cancer with prolonged usage. It is not a natural occurring type of sugar and hence should be avoided at all costs.

The Ideal Sugar Revealed

So without the availability of regular sugars and artificial sweeteners, what can you take to make your foods and beverages more tasteful? Well, you are in luck as I am about to tell you the most ideal type of sugar that is out there and readily available.

This type of sugar is called Stevia. It is the most natural type of sugar that you can find out there. It is 100% plant based, but eventhough it is derived from a plant, it is extremely sweet. This type of sugar can be used in food and beverages to improve the taste.

IBS Splenda

Veteran IBS Sufferers Agree

This sugar is highly praised by veteran IBS sufferers and do not proliferate or encourage your Candida to worsen. Candida is a condition where the yeast levels in the gut grows beyond normal amounts and mutates to cause harm to the human body. Feel free to read more about it here.

Stevia is an alkaline (base) product and it will help out to balance your pH levels as it is almost always the case that IBS sufferers have an all too acidic pH level. There are no problems or side-effects in using this type of sugar generously for foods and beverages that you consume on a daily basis.

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