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IBS Startup – It is not easy to find out how IBS all began in your life.

Understanding the Onset

Irritable Bowel Syndrome often comes suddenly after a short period of having the stomach flu and/or after the use of antibiotics.

It is not exactly known by traditional doctors as to how this condition all begins as they are not very familiar with this condition at all. They diagnose you with IBS after a series of tests has been completed on you, through the process of elimination.

Knowing what IBS is

After the traditional doctors have concluded that no other reasons are causing your symptoms, then you are pronounced with having the IBS condition. To better understand how IBS happens, it is important to know what IBS is.

IBS is a condition where the body’s gut moves irregularly due to a number of reasons. These reasons can include the imbalance of bacteria in your gut, resulting in yeast overgrowth, which then irritates the lining of your gut.

IBS Startup

Specific Food Intolerances

Yeast in abundant amounts, can mutate to create holes in your intestines, causing your gut to be leaky. Almost all IBS patients have food intolerances as a result of this. If you are new with having IBS, you may not even realize at this point that your symptoms are caused by the foods that you consume.

Often times, the reactions to the foods that you consume would happen a few days later and with other foods, the reaction is immediate. Be sure to review this site in detail to further understand IBS better and to empower yourself to reverse your IBS through the power of knowledge.

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