IBS Story

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IBS Story – Many Irritable Bowel Syndrome sufferers have stories that they would like to share.

Author Tells All

For me, as the founder of ReversingIBS, would like to share with you my experiences. When I first had IBS, I was extremely distraught by being told that there were no cures for my symptoms and I was told to live with it, by the traditional doctors.

It was something I felt was extremely unfair to place upon me as I was very healthy otherwise. Suddenly, after having the stomach flu and shortly after taking some antibiotics for having my wisdom teeths taken out, I started to feel even worse and days would pass where the symptoms would not get any better.

Losing Faith in the Uphill Battle

I started to go to the hospitals and see gastrointestinal (GI) specialist but still, no signs of help from anyone. I felt the face of the earth has been shattered through my eyes and that there is no help when you need it most.

I began to lose all faith in the health care system and I looked towards myself for comfort and solutions. I started to research days on ends about IBS and how it comes about, how the symptoms relate to this condition and how to resolve the root cause of IBS.

IBS Story

The Discovered Path to IBS Reversal

There wasnt much momentum from the information that I gathered but I started to research medical journals and learned more about bacterias. After a while of absorbing more information, everything started to gel together and I started to find solutions for my symptoms.

After a period of taking herbal remedies and alternative therapy, my health started to become exponentially stronger and healthier. I was so amazed by the results and continued to dig further. Finally, after a series of a few years, I was able to reverse my IBS to remission.

I believe there is light at the end of the tunnel for all IBS sufferers out there and it is a matter of time plus dedication that takes you to the land of optimal health. Do not lose faith and keep being persistent in healing your health. Soon you will be at the land of remission just like myself. The journey was extremely difficult, but well worth all the sweat and pain in keeping at reversing the symptoms. That is my IBS story, feel free to share yours!

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